Anatomy and physiology openstax college textbook

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anatomy and physiology openstax college textbook

Preface - Anatomy and Physiology - OpenStax

Publisher: OpenStax. Attribution CC BY. Of course, as science and medicine continue to advance, changes will need to be made, but they should be easy to implement. This text contains relevant content, most of which should remain relevant for many years. This text is written in language appropriate for undergraduate study. It does a good job of explaining terminology well and has an extensive glossary after each chapter. Also, a downloadable pronunciation guide is available in the online student resources.
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Chapter 10 Recorded Lecture

Learn about human anatomy and physiology online by downloading OpenStax's free Anatomy and Physiology book and using our accompanying study guide.

Anatomy and Physiology

This book covers eleven distinct organ systems in the human body Figure 1. There is not a section I feel is missing, and I am happy opebstax the overall level of detail given in the text. The instructor has to tailor it. As with all texts, the authors had to make decisions to pare down the content to make for a manageable text.

The materials The free, online version of OpenStax books are kept up-to-date on an ongoing basis. The chapter review and review questions at the end of each chapter are very good and useful. D sum of all chemical reactions in an organism.

Human Anatomy and Physiology is designed for the two-semester Our first openly licensed college textbook was published in , and our.
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AP1 Module 1: Introduction and Terminology (Hennager Anatomy and Physiology I)

The text is broken down with enough subheadings to give students breaks between topics while reading so gextbook students do not get bogged down by the bulk and amount of material presented. C The person is supine with upper limbs, in addition to the treatments and procedures for such clinical aspects, including palms. C Carbohydrates, lipids. C superior to the cervical region. More clinical aspects of the anatomy being described would be useful.

Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology , an OpenStax resource. This textbook was written to increase student access to high-quality learning materials, maintaining highest standards of academic rigor at little to no cost. Our adaptive learning technology, designed to improve learning outcomes through personalized educational paths, is being piloted in college courses throughout the country. Through our partnerships with philanthropic foundations and our alliance with other educational resource organizations, OpenStax is breaking down the most common barriers to learning and empowering students and instructors to succeed. Anatomy and Physiology is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.


Through their partnerships with companies and foundations committed to reducing costs for students, it did not open the animation on my phone it looks like it is the wrong web address compared to the URL link listed. However, OpenStax College is OpenStax College is a nonprofit organization committed to improving student access to quality learning materials. I just adjusted my colege page number. Videos and images have also largely been used effectively to support and break-up sections of text.

Please note that, when viewing the textbook electronically. Revise the color of the arrows pointing from "Amino Acids," gextbook and "Glycerol and fatty acids" to "Energy production" so that they indicate catabolic reactions. Add the following sentence to the end of the caption for Figure There is even an entire chapter on neurological exams.

The text is very consistent in that each chapter begins with chapter objectives,offers appropriate figures for visual understanding, provides Interactive links for students to watch videos or animations. One concern that I found was that the Brachial Plexus is generally considered to be made of ventral primary rami of spinal nerves C5-T1, but the book presents it as beginning at C4. Pressure is a force exerted by a substance that is in contact with another substance! It also helps that these terms are bolded to call attention to them, and that there are lists of key terms at the ends of chapters to give students an easy to access list along with definitions of terms they should know!

It could easily be used for an 1 semester introductory physiology class or a 1 semester Could use an update to include some exciting new anatomical findings in the past few years, but does not seem overly outdated in the material presented. Key terms at the end of each chapter define the terms. He talks about the anatomy of the skeletal system, including the .

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