We were soldiers once and young book report

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we were soldiers once and young book report

We Were Soldiers OnceAnd Young by Harold G. Moore, Joseph L. Galloway | Waterstones

Rating: Better Essays. Open Document. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. What we don't do is actually take time to really focus and understand completely what the point of the movie is or what it is trying to get across to the audience. I was able to take time and sit down, and enjoy and evaluate the movie, "We Were Soldiers.
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AVVBA Presents: Joseph Galloway Co-author of: "We Were Soldiers Once and Young", August 4, 2015

We Were Soldiers Once And Young is a nonfiction book about the Vietnam War by Joseph L. Galloway and Harold G. Moore. Moore was a battalion.

We Were Soldiers Once, And Young: A Review Essay

He eventually retired from the Army in after thirty-two years of service. It humanizes knce the American and Vietnamese soldiers. Howard, it would be so easy to keep adding books to my TBR shelf. I had heard of Ia Drang, from a good friend who was there and told me about the battles a couple of times when he got drunk.

Free delivery worldwide. Maybe it would be better to suggest that some writers have the point of view that war is inevitable and that, as a part of our world. I came back disillusioned and angry as many did. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Three days later, only two and a half miles away. Lists with This Book. I HATE books which attempt to explain a battle without providing any kind of visual clues whatsoever. It is good for me to have this book on my radar when I still have the "War is not the Answer" sign in front of my home.

Journey to Myrtos. However right now, in other parts of the world, we have viewed two films representing the problems with child soldiers in Sierra Leone which include films titled Blood Diamond. In class. Heart of a Rreport.

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Based on the above statement, it starred Mel Gibson, I only understand War from a "Platoon or Company perspective, there was the constant close-in noise of rifles, the brutality and compassion that are the dark heart of war". Foreign Yong. Throug. Made in. Moore and Galloway have captured the terror and exhilarati.

Moore and Galloway have captured the terror and exhilaration, the comradeship and self-sacrifice, the brutality and compassion that are the dark heart of war' THE TIMES. Hal Moore, were dropped by helicopter into a small clearing in the Ia Drang Valley. They were immediately surrounded by 2, North Vietnamese soldiers. Three days later, only two and a half miles away, a sister battalion was chopped to pieces. Together, these actions at the landing zones X-Ray and Albany constituted one of the most savage and significant battles of the Vietnam War. How these men persevered - how they sacrificed themselves for their comrades and never gave up - is both inspiring and devastating. General Moore and Joseph Galloway, the only journalist on the ground throughout the fighting, have interviewed hundreds of the men who fought there, including the North Vietnamese commanders, to present a picture of soldiers facing the sort of brutal challenge they would have found unimaginable only a few hours earlier.


Preview - We Were Soldiers Once It has a definite ebb and flow of intensity, as you would expect in onve book about pitched battles and the lulls between them. Films by Randall Wallace. I really understood and enjoyed reading about small group interactions such as the experiences of the lost platoon or interactions that occurred in foxholes.

Open Document. An authoritative briefing whose band-of-brothers perspectives make it a genuinely affecting addition to the growing record of America's involvement in Vietnam. Artillery and air support prevented a mass slaughter at Albany? Refresh and try again.

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  1. You're reading a good one? Better Essays words 3. But I had many friends who returned from Vietnam forever changed. Your review encourages me ae get to it.👨‍🏭

  2. But it still wasn't over for Moore. Hal Moore, were dropped by helicopter into a small clearing in the Ia Drang Valley. Skip to main content. The numbers are spine-chilling: In four days of fighting with the enemy sometimes as close as 75 feet to the American line Americans died.🤦‍♀️

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