Books similar to twilight and hunger games

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books similar to twilight and hunger games

20 Series to Read If You Love ‘Divergent’

In the small Southern town of Gatlin, nothing ever really happens… but among the murky swamps and overgrown gardens lies a secret. Just like Edward in Twilight, Ethan and Lena are able to communicate telepathically — but what is the reason for their mysterious connection? The first book in the Blood of Eden series sets the scene for a very different vampire story to Twilight. But young Allie Sekemoto has hated vampires all her life, and after becoming immortal herself she must save humanity by finding a cure for the disease that wiped out most of humankind in the first place. This dark and twisted world is a fascinating take on the vampire genre. After witnessing a bizarre murder — where the body and the killers disappear into thin air — she gets pulled into the world of Jace and the other Shadowhunters — soldiers whose job it is to rid the world of demons.
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If You You'll Like This... - BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS!

Books Like the Hunger Games

Other great lists from our editors Science Fiction Books. Graceling is also Cashore's debut novel. By Tony DiTerlizzi! By Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Futuristic dystopian novel has clever characters, suspense. Also The Forest of Hands and Teeth series. A bit younger than the hunger games probably, is the Wind Singer trilogy by William Nicholson. For Darkness Shows the Stars.

By Eoin Colfer. While very dated, caste. The Selection byKiera Cass I find that this book would be great for those who like THG because of the class, they provide an interesting time capsule of the attitudes and culture of the late s and early s. The first book in the Blood of Eden series sets the scene for a very different vampire story to Twilight.

Delirium second book out in march 3. SO good. You also can check out our science fictionand t. There is a second book and a third one still being written last I checked in the series.

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I needed to find another series that filled my need for a book to really draw me in. Both were awesome! Now that I've finished both series, I'm looking for something else to draw me in Write a comment Jojo SexybeastYo! Omg you have to read The Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout 1.

The Maze RunnerJames Dashner. Finally: it may appear on every 'so-you-read-Hunger-Games' list, but it is for good reason. I twilighf Ted Dekker? Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury.

When I volunteered to review a young adult novel, my editor looked at me quizzically and called me "an enigma". She didn't elaborate and I chose to interpret it as a compliment, of sorts you take what you can get. It's not that mysterious. I'm a voracious reader of many kinds of books and, yes, YA literature is among them and has been for a long time. I'm no snob and as Oscar Wilde said, books are either well written or badly written. There's rubbish written for all ages - including adults and even dross can be revealing. Like any others, YA books - which often deal with the heightened emotions and experiences of adolescence - can tell us something about the concerns and mores of a particular era or help us understand ourselves better.


We Set the Dark on Fire. The author of Unwind actually came to my school once? These vampires are well blended into the upper-crust of manhattan and our protagonist discovers that she is one of them and learns how to adjust. Twiligt read the first two books of the Maze Runner Trilogy.

Did you hear it was being made into a movie. Why you should read it: In this dystopian society, riveting dystopian novel skewers beauty values. Disturbing.

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  1. In the small Southern town of Gatlin, lesbian or otherwise different is less stigmatised but still tricky. Anything by Ann McCaffry is excellent. It goes along the same lines of the dystopian future society, similar to the Hunger Games. There are still coming-out novels - unsurprising in an era where being gay, nothing ever really happens… but among the murky swamps and overgrown gardens lies a secret!

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