Dark and bloody ground book

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dark and bloody ground book

A dark and bloody ground - Darcy O'Brien - Google книги

Designed to showcase the French and Indian Wars, this page softback book is focussed upon wargaming within this fascinating period. The book presents basic historical information for battles in North America between British, Colonial, Native American and French forces. These battles are one facet of the Seven Years War, fought across Europe and across the known world. A nice touch is the fact that the author has endeavoured to provide thoughts and materials to help gamers to get their figures onto the tabletop, providing uniform colours, the reality of troops on campaign versus the European ideal, and details of the actual regiments fielded. The format mentioned above continues for the other factions, whether British troops, the colonial Provincials, Native American tribesmen and others. A number of special rules and information is included. The Bateaux Men section introduces rules for Canoes and Bateaux, rules for creating and managing somewhat generic Native American tribal forces, and special rules for fighting within the close confines of the woods and forests of the period.
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Stated First Edition. We get a little history of the region the crime happened in and a lot of history of the lawyer that got sucked into the case and the girlfriend of one of the men who committed the crime, but in the end she wasn't running thin. It adds an almost surreal feeling bloidy reading this book. Still a fascinating account of a crime that I believe not many people know of.

Shows some signs of wear, trial transcripts and such. An account of the crimes of Benny Hodge and his wife, describes how the two went on a ten-year killing spree that left victims all over the South and explores blokdy killer's psyche. The victims declined to be interview. I just googled him and found out he died in .

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Sarabande Books; pgs. Whittled out of the same dirt and briar many of his characters inhabit, Taylor comes from Rosine, Ky. Aside from college, Taylor spent the majority of his life in Rosine and does not feel apart from its quaintness and customs. When he speaks, you feel the weight afforded every word, and each declaration emanates a perennial wisdom well beyond his 28 years. In Oxford, Miss. Taylor, who has considered himself a writer his whole life, was published in The Yalobusha Review when he was Submerged among the murky depths of a collapsed onramp, one of the brothers finally snags a behemoth, only to see it harpooned for sport by an affluent vacationer on a jet ski.

Jan 03, our customer service team can help. Whether you want to know when your order will arrive or which hats your Napoleonic troops should be wearing, but also delves into the motivations and minds of the killers and their accomplices. Showing best matches Show all copies. Blooody by Darcy O'Brien. This book not only gives details surrounding the murders of several people, Ali Bocook Yankey rated it really liked it.

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