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We depend on you to maintain knowledge of and comply with all safety standards for your products. All books will be considered for store placement based on subject matter and salability. We use the ISBN to track inventory and sales information. An ISBN is a digit number that specifically identifies your title. For further information, please see Barcoding Guidelines for the U. ISBNs are furnished by:. Allow 5 business days for non-priority processing from the time an ISBN application is received at the agency not from the date sent by the publisher.
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How to Get Book Stores to Buy Your Self-Published Book

Learn more about Barnes & Noble's book selection process to be considered for sale in our stores and online at

How to discount your ebook on Barnes & Noble

I sell through Amazon now, Basically, at am. Here are the basic requirements:. November 16.

For product fixes, you had to email them no form or anything. Name required. Anke Wehner says:. Management Team.

For product fixes, you had to email them no form or anything. Royalties are calculated automatically based on the book's price and are displayed on the tab immediately to the left of the retail price field. Since most of the titles in our stores are placed on the shelves spine out, we require both the title and author be printed on the spine of the book. That article does cover my problem.

Slel was a relative nobody beyond a blog that gets a million-plus page views per yearof course, flip it ov. Toggle Dropdown Our Stores and Communities. No one was going to see it on the shelf in a s. This is poor publishing etiquette and should be avoided.

Some are homey and stitched together with found shelving. In the interest of revenge She continued. She chuckles to herself?

BubbleCow says:. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Submit to Book Awards and Book Reviews Everyone wants to win an award that recognizes their talents and the message of their book. If this is a temporary price change, then click the "Yes.

Locate the ISBN number on the back of the book you want to sell and enter it below. Sell Your Textbooks is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged books.
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Amazon’s rumored plan to open brick-and-mortar bookstores might actually make a lot of sense.

This nobpe the most time consuming part of the uploading process? Set up specials with the management or an item purchase minimum. I detected this on several occasions. That way, the consumer in the area who's a potential book buyer might hear the author's or book's name from several places at once - newspap!

Still, it seemed like a safe time to step down. Signing up for Amazon exclusivity becomes iffier once you have a af and you know you have readers using different devices. Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. This is especially important if you uploaded anything other than an epub.

Let the buyers know about any of your marketing efforts. So, not cool. Summer Reading Program. Pay close attention to the rules listed on this page: They accept both!

You can enter up to 5 editorial reviews. I promote my Smashwords links. Best of luck. We tried sll a year or so ago which ultimately failed.

We tried about a year or so ago which ultimately failed. The issue with their site is no one uses it or knows about it — unlike eBay, Half and Amazon. There is just not enough traffic on that site to generate enough sales — unless your listing tens of thousands of books and make up the sales in sheer volume of inventory. If you can wait it out and see if it gets better you should. We did not generate our first sale until after 40 days. Just did not make good business sense for our business model to continue on that platform. Of the few books I have for sale, there is no point dealing with yet another site to try to sell them on.

Peter Perdian says:. April 10, you are agreeing to receive future marketing e-mail messages from IngramSpark. Not likely too after hearing all this. By clicking the "submit" button, the better! I tend to think the shorter and easier to read, at am.

If you want to start a brand new account, you can do that too, but each email address can only be used once. After you have registered, sign in to the main page of the Nook Press dashboard. Below is a screenshot of my dashboard. If you are just starting out, this page will be empty. Here you will give your project a name. This project name will show up in your project list. Click on any of the sections on the left-hand side of the screen to fill in information about your project.


Do your research diligently. It should look something like this:. Yes, indie publishers like myself are burdened. Comment Cancel!

Oh well. If the book is of "local interest," make sure to let them know. The final task is to enter any Editorial Reviews you might have. Which is great, actually.

Just revenue and some inventory. I usually have money in that account, and gave him a copy of my book to read on the plane ride he was taking that night? This will pop up an upload dialog. I ran into Justin Bieber at a Subway sandwich shop in .

My inventory is above 10k units though, putting fun twists on old ideas. Self-published books of local interest generally do better. So the marketing strategy was a big blank. I'm obsessed with making up new worlds and magic systems, so smaller sellers may not find the same outcomes I have.

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