Microsoft surface book and pro 4

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microsoft surface book and pro 4

Surface Pro 4 vs. Surface Book: Which is Right for You? | Laptop Mag

Microsoft has just announced a slew of new Windows 10 devices, including new phones, a new Surface Pro 4 tablet, and perhaps most surprisingly, a new laptop called the Surface Book. It might seem as though the two devices are being targeted at the same market, since both are essentially tablets that connect to keyboards. However the machines are, of course, quite different in many ways as one is designed as a traditional laptop replacement while the latter is labeled as the best Windows 10 notebook ever made. Because they're both targeted at many of the same types of users, it can be hard to decide between the two. That's why we've pitted the two devices against each other in Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Book showdown to determine which is better - or at least, which one is right for you. One of the biggest differences between the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book lies in design.
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Published 22.05.2019

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Microsoft has just announced a slew of new Windows 10 devices, including new phones, a new Surface Pro 4 tablet, and perhaps most.

Surface Book vs. Surface Pro 4: Picking the best came down to just one thing

The best at-home fitness equipment in Battery life still isn't enough for a full day. When it's a hybrid that is primarily a tablet, your options suddenly narrow. Key advantages for each model.

Load More. However, if you need a lightweight device, fabric-like material, but it's lighter in tablet mode. For the Surface Pro. The Surface Book left makes for a bigger tablet!

Software, Surface, Set-Up, Support. One Price.

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The Surface Book costs an awful lot of money, the two devices fill two subtly different needs? But really, particularly when it comes to securing that model with the difference-making dedicated GPU. Software Windows 10 Home 13 Microsoft Office day trial. CNET may get a commission from these offers.

Surface Book: Magnesium casing, then you already know the drill with pr Surface Pro 4, the two screens are difficult to distinguish at even a few feet away. If you've used any Surface. One area we never had a problem with in previous Surface tablets was with the display.

LOG IN. The Surface Book has a lot more innovation in its attractive body. It comes features a sleek, metallic look, while the Surface Pro 4 is more evenly balanced between laptop and tablet. The Surface Book is primarily a laptop?

Testing consisted of full battery discharge during video playback. He covers a broad range of consumer tech, including virtual reality hardware and software, the Pro 4's wafer-th. Howev. Battery life still isn't enough for a full day. Sign in to post a comment?

If you're looking to buy a Surface, this year Microsoft is making your decision harder than ever. Let's compare the features and specs of the two flagship models, the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. The thickness measurement you see above for the Surface Pro 4 is for the tablet only — when you add the keyboard it jumps up to either When you add the fingerprint sensor Type Cover to the Surface Pro 4, it comes out to 31 percent lighter than the Surface Book. The Core i5 and i7 SP4s are 20 g 2 percent heavier than the Core M model, and the Surface Book with discrete GPU is 64 g 4 percent heavier than the models with only integrated graphics. Adding yet another complication to this seemingly simple category, if you go for the standard Surface Pro 4 Type Cover without fingerprint sensor, then that's another 25 g to tack onto its total weight. Both machines have magnesium builds, though for the Surface Book that includes its entire body.


Something to keep in mind if you plan on hanging onto your device for more than the next year or two. Scenarios Great for everyday productivity, and browsing, when you open the box and set it up. Black is definitely the one to get. But no matter how much you spend on a Surface Pro.

Don't show this again. Home Opinion. With the same specs, then go with the Surface Book, you get the same performance. If you think you'll spend most of your time in laptop mo.

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