Street art europe and graffiti book

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street art europe and graffiti book

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Russia has even opened the first permanent Street Art Museum in a working plastics factory in St Petersburg. To chime with this zeitgeist, Claudia Walde , a street artist using the moniker MadC, has collected nearly images from 30 artists for the book Mural XXL. Concentrating mainly on Europe and North America, with examples from South Asia, Africa and Latin America, the works go far beyond furtive under-the-bridge spraypainting. They are meticulously planned, tower block spanning, permanent conceptions designed to burst colourfully from their often grim surroundings. As an artist, German-born Walde trained in graphic design in her home country as well as at renowned London art school Central Saint Martins, but her passion for street art began when she was a teenager, inspired by a book about graffiti. In some ways the fact that it goes away is also a motivation to keep painting and evolving.
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Artist Creates Large Scale Street Art Murals Across Europe, Makes Boring Buildings Interesting

GRAFFITI WORLD: Street Art from the Five Continents

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From Steve Powers Espo in New York to Kid Zoom in Australia, taking in Banksy's London, Paris as transfigured by Honet and OX, and the gargantuan murals of the Brazilian twins 'Os Gemeos', this geographical survey of urban art includes the latest works some of the most prolific and interesting artists from around the world. Since its genesis on the East Coast of the United States in the late s, street art has travelled to nearly every corner of the globe, morphing into highly ornate and vibrant new styles. This unqiue atlas is the first truly geographical survey of urban art. Featuring specially commissioned works from major graffiti and street art practitioners, it offers you an insider's view of the urban landscape as the artists themselves experience it. Organized geographically, by continent and by city - from New York,Los Angeles and Montreal in North America, through Mexico City and Buenos Aires in Latin America, to London, Berlin and Madrid in Europe, as well as Sydney and Tokyo in the Pacific - it profiles more than of today's most important artists and features over astonishing artworks. Please sign in to write a review.

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