Thermal engineering and gas dynamics books

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thermal engineering and gas dynamics books

Engineering Thermodynamics - R.K. Purohit - Google книги

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Editors: Saha , Pankaj, Subbarao , P. The book gives an overview of recent developments in the field of thermal and fluid engineering, and covers theoretical and experimental fluid dynamics, numerical methods in heat transfer and fluid mechanics, different modes of heat transfer, multiphase transport and phase change, fluid machinery, turbo machinery, and fluid power. The book is primarily intended for researchers and professionals working in the field of fluid dynamics and thermal engineering. He has developed complete in-house 3D NS solver implementing finite-difference-method in both serial and parallel architecture. His present work at NETL deals with the modeling of turbulent oil jet discharged into water.
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Compressible Flow Part 1

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Advances in Fluid and Thermal Engineering

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Pruthvi et al. SI units have been consistently used throughout the book. Turn up the heat - discover how to use the first and second laws of thermodynamics to determine and improve upon the efficiency of machines. Prem Prakash.

Table of contents

Mod-01 Lec-01 Introduction

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UNIT 1: Steam generators: classification, conventional boilers, high-pressure boilers-Lamont, Benson, Loeffler and Velox steam generators, performance and rating of boilers, equivalent evaporation, boiler efficiency, heat balance sheet, combustion in boilers, super critical boilers, fuel and ash handling, boiler draught, overview of boiler codes. UNIT 2 : Phase Change Cycles: Vapor Carnot cycle and its limitation, Rankin cycle, effect of boiler and Condenser pressure and superheat on end moisture and efficiency of ranking cycle, modified Rankin cycle, reheat cycle, perfect regenerative cycle, Ideal and actual regenerative cycle with single and multiple heaters, open and closed type of feed water heaters, regenerative-reheat cycle, supercritical pressure and binary-vapor cycle, work done and efficiency calculations. UNIT 3 : Gas dynamics: speed of sound, in a fluid mach number, mach cone, stagnation properties, onedimensional isentropic flow of ideal gases through variable area duct-mach number variation, area ratio as a function of mach number, mass flow rate and critical pressure ratio, effect of friction, velocity coefficient, coefficient of discharge, diffusers, normal shock. UNIT 5 : a Steam nozzles: isentropic flow of vapors, flow of steam through nozzles, condition for maximum discharge, effect of friction, super-saturated flow. Gordon J. Van Wylen; Thermodynamics 8.


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