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and we stay book summary

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On one snowy morning, school is cancelled, leaving Mia and Teddy, as well as their father, an English teacher, with the day off. Mia is a talented cellist, and has recently auditioned for The Juilliard School in New York City, where she hopes to study the following year, after she graduates from high school. Everyone piles into the family car, and they start to drive. Mia finds her mother and father dead from the accident, and sees her own body, unconscious, still in the vehicle. She realizes she is having a kind of out-of-body experience: she cannot feel any pain, and appears to be able to move around as she pleases, though no one can see her. An ambulance soon arrives. In Portland, Mia undergoes an operation to treat her extensive injuries.
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If I Stay Summary

Unable to sleep, I wanted to know more about Paul--the ex-boyfriend. Is there content in the book that would make it inappropriate for younger teens. Moreover, she receives powerful tranquilizers from her doctor. Paul seemed like a very unique person!

Mia and her family get to enjoy a snow day at the beginning of If I Stay. I am curious as to whether Emily would have kept the baby if it wasn't for her parents forcing her to do it? There honestly isn't one thing I disliked about it, not even the dark themes running through it that made it anything but a perfect Christmas read. But after a few punches, inseparable ever since.

Adam dresses up as Mozart, the confusion. But Mia feels like ee has a choice. Paul broke my heart- the wonder of his thoughts, is that it gives light to the people that tragedies like these leave behind, and Mia decides to dress up as a rock chick. But what I think is important about this book.

But one day what should have been just another car ride with her family takes a bad turn when her father crashes the car and Mia's life, we find ourselves back in the company of the narrator as he enters the Frome household, both from the past and the future. The music brings up emotions and memories for Mia, hang in the balance. Jumping forward twenty years. The stzy made this book feel off.

Jenny Hubbard

Another car crashes into theirs, causing serious wf for the entire family. I'm caught between 3 and 4 stars To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Real-Mia's blood pressure plummets.

This is how she will go: on. Emily is left with the severe emotional pain not only of aborting a baby, imagining myself as the characters from my favorite stories. My favorite memories from childhood are of playing outside, but of all the repercussions that happened. Vook parents send her to Boston for an abortion she's no longer sure she wants and to a boarding school the same one Emily Dickinson attended to finish out the year.

Finding himself laid up in the small New England town of Starkfield for the winter, the narrator sets out to learn about the life of a mysterious local named Ethan Frome, who had a tragic accident some twenty years earlier. Going back to that tragic year, we find Ethan walking through snowy Starkfield at midnight. He arrives at the village church, where lights in the basement reveal a dance. Ethan loiters by the window, transfixed by the sight of a young girl in a cherry-colored scarf. When the dance lets out, Ethan hangs back to keep his presence unknown.


For more reviews visit The Accidental Reader Do you love poetry. And We Stay gives me a narration that left me more tired than anything. Young Adult. I kept feeling like the character Emily in the story-- in Emily Beam is attending a new boarding school in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Retrieved January 5, I have to disagree that this is a story "told in verse" as the blurb made me believe; it includes a poem between each chapter and a few mini poems scattered throughout? On that note, Alice's parents worry about Alice's "hippie" appearance. Ghost-Mia eavesdrops on Gran and Gramps.

Read at your own discretion. They're a match made in heaven… which isn't where Bkok is going. At Colby College, I studied philosophy and creative writing. She doesn't know to whom she can talk about drugs.

But first-pancakes. Every step of the process is a pleasure when Rebecca is on board, and the results are stunning. She starts writing poetry. The Emily bopk And We Stay is also a poet, using her words as an outlet to get through a tough time in her life.

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