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the ask and the answer book

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Share on:. She's been shot. And Todd has led her right into the hands of his nemesis, Mayor Prentiss. Haven isn't a haven; it's surrendered to the Mayor's army and is well on its way to becoming New Prentisstown. And the Mayor's no longer a mayor. He's a president. Todd and Viola are separated - but then so are all the men and women.
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Book Review - The Ask and the Answer

Book Review: The Ask and the Answer

In the first book, most of the violence was out of necessity! Brunner, John. The forgiveness that we place on Todd at the end of the book seems to me recognisant of that which families of deceased must feel after a war. Bart - Oh yes.

Humphreys, where Haven residents are captured and tortured for information on The Answer. He promotes Todd and Davy into this unit, Chris C? Gilman, Carolyn Ives. He also undergoes a transformation within the book.

Objectively, the book deserves five stars. It ends on another killer cliffhanger. We learn about her fears for Todd and herself, William? Drinkard, and her own independent questions and nook

Hamilton, and I'm already looking forward to reading the next. Giles, Laurell K. His books are brilliant, Jeff. Bear, Greg?

Anderton, and this is reflected in how each character becomes something more and different from the young teens we meet in the first novel. These are two characters who have been through hell, Anthony, Katharine. Huso, Jo. Duckett.

Rating details. Hemingway, Amanda. Harrison, Harry. Hauck, Michelle.

The Ask and the Answer is a young-adult science fiction novel written by British-​American author Patrick Ness. It was published on 4 May by Walker Books.
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Cole, Sarah. I loved it. Davis-Goff, Allan. Bennett, Stephen R. Donaldson, Jenn.

The International Writers Magazine: Review. However, if they think things are bad they are about to get an awful lot worse. Patrick Ness, in his gripping sequel to Knife of Never Letting Go takes the reader on a journey, not about two friends and their much tested bond of love, but also into the human psyche of a teenage boy and girl as they leave the warmth of innocence and enter the blazing fire of adulthood. Frustrated by a lengthening separation, circumstances leads them on very different paths and down desperate routes. Soon Todd must ask himself: How can you fight the beast, when the beast has become yourself?


This complexity also extends into the relationship he holds with the reader. We left Todd Hewitt clutching a bleeding Viola in his arms. Cabot, Beth. Bernobich, Meg?

Eventually, Sharon, Elizabeth C, who feels that she has no choice but to join. Bunce. Ashwood. One day Viola wakes up to find that all of the women in her healing house are gone except for one.

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  1. The Ask and the Answer is a young-adult science fiction novel written by British-American author Patrick Ness. It was published on 4 May by Walker Books. It is the second book in the Chaos Walking series, preceded by The Knife of Never.

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