Manufacturing planning and control pdf

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manufacturing planning and control pdf

Lean Manufacturing Planning and Control (LMPC)

Material Requirements Planning 3. Capacity Planning 4. Shop Floor Control 5. Inventory Control 6. Deciding which products to make, how many of each, and when they should be completed 2. Planning the manpower and equipment resources needed to accomplish the production plan Automation, Production Systems, and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Third Edition, by Mikell P.
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Lecture 26 Production Planning and Control

Thus, a production system is encompassed by the four factors. Production planning starts with the analysis of the given data, i. Once the plan is prepared, then execution of plan is performed in line with the details given in the plan.


The alternatives available to the company are inventories, process and schedule design II. Employee training: Develop multi-skilled employees through training so that they can be rotated among different jobs. Aggregate Planning Guidelines The following are the guidelines for aggregate planning: 1. Chapter controol of the textbook Plan of the lecture: Product, back ordering or subcontracting of items.

Capital intensive processes depend on physical facilities, plant and equipment. Discuss the phases of production planning and control. Scheduling is the time phase of loading and determines when and in what sequence the work will be carried out. Work sheet: It contains a Specifications to be followed while manufacturing.

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Provided by the International Finance Corporation. Are you a manufacturing firm? If so, you will need a production plan to ensure that you have all the inputs for production ready at the right time to meet your product demand. It establishes and sequences activities which must be carried out to achieve a production target, so that all staff involved are aware of who needs to do what, when, where and how. A production plan will help you meet product demand while minimizing production time and cost by improving process flow, reducing the waiting time between operations, and optimizing use of plant, equipment and inventory. In order to do this, you must align your production plan to your business strategy and business plan, and support production planning by coordinating with other departments, such as procurement, finance and marketing.

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