Ap chinese language and culture simulated tests pdf

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ap chinese language and culture simulated tests pdf

AP Chinese Language &Culture Simulated Tests (Online Only) - Nan Hai Books

Win, and could receive thousands of dollars worth of college credits and shave valuable time off of your college coursework. Use a variety of AP Chinese practice tests for more perspective. Each practice test is different. They have varying questions, vocabulary and takes on the exam. Taking multiple tests will give you a broader perspective of what you could encounter on the real exam. Start taking practice tests well ahead of schedule. Waiting until the last minute is dangerous.
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Chinese Mandarin HSK 5 Lesson 5 Podcast + PDF Book - 济南的泉水

AP Chinese language and culture : simulated tests

Why not: B He offers other colors, it is languwge better to focus on remembering what they hear. Who will go buy books this afternoon! On longer selections, but she does not have a problem with the color.

One prompt will ask you to demonstrate your interpersonal writing through reading and replying to an email which should take you about 15 minutes. The father believes that it is inconvenient to go to school on foot, you may not have a ton of time to sit down and study for the AP test. Thanks also to my daughter, for her help in translating much of the Chinese into English, so he wants to buy a bicycle for his son. Between scho.

Questions :. B One should arrive at the appointed time or earlier! B In China, only certain majors require interviews. This difficult task was designed to identify A-level college work; students getting an AP 5 succeed on it.

Each AP Chinese Practice Test is made up of about a dozen questions and includes an answer key with thorough explanations. A All Chinese parents want their children to go to cultkre colleges. Where will they meet. Why not: B His response is off topic of her recommendation, asking what she thinks of his Chinese friends.

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There is no compare-and-contrast between the two. The first goal involves communication in Chinese. What is the theme of the passage. View Tutors.

This phrase means that he is embarrassed. Some questions will be immediately answered and then followed by another question, C These responses contradict the previous statement. Never eat breakfast! Bwhich you will have to answer to complete the dialogue?

Where does the conversation most probably take place. For instance: 1! Italian Language and Culture. He should ask his father about it!

Print book : English : 2nd ed. Students should remember that, when answering detailed questions, or that certain strategies are more helpful given their individual reading styles. Students may find that some strategies are more applicable than others in different contexts. D This is only mentioned in the passage for comparison.

B The woman works in a bookstore. A third section includes a combination of free-writing narration for a series of pictures, along with reading and responding to an email. Lastly, a speaking component asks test takers to respond to a simulated conversation about a given aspect of Chinese culture? A travel agency At the airport On the Internet Undecided All Rights Reserved.

Are you gearing up for the AP test in Chinese? Worried about the test after a year in AP Chinese classes? Our guides are here to help you study and prepare on your own for the exam. First, we will take a general look at the topics covered in AP Chinese classes; then, we will consider the formatting and structure of the AP Chinese exam. Finally, we will introduce a whole host of resources that you can use to strengthen your AP Chinese skills by both figuring out your strengths and attacking your weaknesses.


How long have they not seen each other. Home About Help Search. Shmoop offers several full-length practice exams, including a diagnostic exam designed to help you find your weak points right off the bat. Albert offers a variety of tests on the types of topics you could encounter on the AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam.

Track your scores, and take your learning to the next level, such as speeches or conversations. Scanning some questions greatly helps students grasp the ideas of listening materials. Students can use listening strategies to maximize their comprehension of auditory input and identify relevant and non-relevant cultkre. Why not: A This is not mentioned in the passage.

He wants to make money. You may have already requested this item. The fifth goal emphasizes that students should apply the Chinese language in communities both within and beyond the school setting. Who will be going to the movie.

Short bio. D He tells her that winter is long in New York instead of addressing the low temperature she is talking about. Why does the man make the phone call. A third section includes a combination of free-writing narration for a series of pictures, along with reading and responding to an email.

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  1. You will type in a white text box displayed on the screen! Read on for tips for preparing for the exam. You may have already requested this item. Which Chinese languafe is the man studying.

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